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Type: Body Bar


Detox - Matcha + Charcoal

Soothe - Calamine + Kaolin Clay

Antioxidant - Carrot Puree + Turmeric

Hydrate - Banana + Cocoa

Relax - Brazilian Purple Clay + Oat Milk

Wt. : 100 g each bar 

About Moonstar

Founded in India, Moon Star delivers a line of holistic wellness products. It is committed to being a clean , sustainable & transparent brand. The focus is on using sustainable ingredients & healing as well beneficial properties of essential oils & plant derivatives. 

Please note: Each batch of soap we make is handmade from start to finish, the design and coloring may vary by batch and/or bars and may therefore differ somewhat from images shown.


Storage : Keep it in cool and dry place away from sunlight. Dry out soaps between uses to maximise product utilisation

Shelf life : Try to use within 6 months for fragrance purposes after which the colours & fragrances fade.

For any queries, please email us on

You can alternatively contact us on +91 7506662189

(Our working hrs are Mon-Fri between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm - we will try and respond to you between these hrs. Thank you!)